I have been a lifelong student of leadership, which began with an academic grounding in organizational communication, enhanced by a combination of exciting challenges, fabulous mentors, and learning.

By day, I am a leader in corporate America, and all of the time I am a wife and mother of two energetic, aspiring leaders.

 At work,  I am finding more and more young leaders looking for advice on leadership philosophy and style, career, and general questions on “how I roll” as a leader.

 In the community, I work with teenagers and adults to explore and articulate their values and belief statements, and to support them as they play out in real work together.

 At home, I watch my children leading, learning, and often tripping into the same mistakes I have made… and really want to help, without obvious intrusion.

I have designed this multi-generational blog as an interactive forum for seasoned leaders and youth to share their stories, insights and challenges in their development as leaders.

The Plan

Each week I will suggest a topic for us to discuss.  I will start with my best thinking on the subject, along with some provocative questions.  We can then enjoy the conversation we create together through your comments.

 Topics will fall into the following categories:

  • Exploring and defining our leadership values
  • Leadership approaches to  real-life situations
  • Commentary on leadership in the news
  • Must read books and resources (classics and the latest thinking)
  • Exercises mentors and parents can complete with their teens and children to define values and build their leadership skills

 I encourage you to subscribe to receive email updates.

 Guest Posts

I welcome guest-post proposals from leaders of all ages.

 Contact Information

 Please feel free to also contact me at letsgrowleaders@gmail.com


This is my personal blog to create a forum for leaders in all aspects of life to grow.  All my opinions are my own… and do not necessarily represent those of my employer.


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