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Saturday Salutation: A Trail of Blessings

There is a man who walks slowly down the trolley path near my home each morning.  I often see him on my morning run.  He ritualistically tips his cane to everyone as he passes, and says, “God Bless You.”  When he is not there, the crickets seem to sing more loudly.  Perhaps they are filling in the void left by his absence.


Saturday Salutation

I was clearing security this week at the Denver airport, particularly annoyed since the TSA agent had just dumped the entire contents of my purse out and then walked away.  Turns out “too many pennies,” can leave you racing for your gate.  When I looked up to see an attractive, poised, and confident woman walking proudly through the sensors.

I thought, “Who get’s that happy at TSA…there must be something fantastic going on in her life.”

She  must have seen me looking at her, so she told me,  “It turns out that there is a real advantage to being old.”

If you are born before 1937, you can now keep your shoes and jacket on.

Talk about appreciating the small stuff.

She had joy.

I bet it’s that approach that keeps her looking that good.

Coming Next Week:

All about mentors.  Each day will take on a different perspective.  I hope you will join the conversation.